What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Sometimes our bodies can confuse us, especially when it comes to pain. People have had problems in their backs or necks that surprisingly have nothing to do with those body parts. Sometimes a throbbing head is caused by an inflamed nerve in your arm, and sometimes tightness in the heel of your foot can lead to back pain.

Trigger point therapy is a massage technique that seeks to fix the trigger points in order to handle bigger problems. They massage and help to relieve the tension with your help. In a trigger point therapy session, you’ll have to breathe in and feel where the pain is coming from, as well as the intensity of the pain. Once that is determined, the therapist will put pressure on and then release the pressure on the trigger points.

The trigger point nerves will be relaxed, and once their inflammation is stopped, then the pain they cause should stop as well. Sometimes it will take only one session to relieve your pain, and other times multiple sessions will be in order to help those with chronic injures or those who are recovering from such.

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Trigger points can develop when a muscle is pulled, injured, or put through a trauma. Those injuries can cause small tears inside the muscle tissue that affect when it is healed, and can cause the movement of the muscle to become inflamed by restricting blood flow. It can also cause the muscle to lock and stop moving entirely.

They often feel very tense and knotted to the touch so either you or your trigger point therapy near me masseuse should be able to find them. Then the trigger point therapy can begin and hopefully you can get some relief from your chronic pain.