The History of Protein Bars

Every athlete and person with little time for a full breakfast swears on them, the protein bar. But what made the little bar of nutrition the go-to snack for those who are on the go? In order to answer that question, we’ll need to go up into space!

One of the hardest parts of space travel is the food. Food in space needs to be dehydrated, and yet still be as nutritious and healthy as the food we find on earth. The first nutrition bar was designed to be eaten by astronauts in space and was launched to coincide with the moon landing. They held a lot of carbs, fats, and proteins while also being flavored for a variety of taste buds.

They were designed to quickly be eaten by astronauts to give them energy and nutrition, and soon the athletic community got their hands on them. The bars were marketed as power bars, and as more and more people and athletes started snacking rather than eating full meals, the marketing around the bars changed.

protein fx bars

The protein fx bars are traditionally consumed right before a workout or a run, because of their energy-boosting nature and the fact that they aren’t heavy. You can eat one and then do your workout just fine, or eat one after your workout to keep the energy up until you can get a full meal.

Now they are seen as a pre-workout snack, breakfast replacement, or something light and fast you can eat without guilt. Hundreds of flavors, as well as dozens of categories, span the marketplace today, where you can get a peanut butter themed high fat bar or an orange themed low fiber bar in the same store. No matter what you need there is a bar for you.